Monday, 13 January 2014

Starting the New Year VEGAN.

The right start to a new year for many, begins with a diet plan. For myself, not so much a diet plan, but a plan to become vegan. 

A lot of my Korean companions have said how will you ever give up meat? it's in your blood! However, in reality, Koreans do not come from a diet with much meat. They were not always a wealthy nation and mainly survived on food grown from the ground, and so meat was not a common part of daily meals. 

This year, I hope to share with you my transition and the beginning of my journey as a vegan. Be prepared to see new posts on recipes, along tips and my own experiences :). If you are already a vegan/vegetarian I would love it if you have things to share or any advice. 

I wish luck to all those who have high hopes and dreams for this year. To us! ;)


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