Monday, 31 March 2014

One of the best parts of going out - getting ready to go out

So, we turned 24 this month. I dont recall feeling 'old' celebrating any birthdays before this one. I can't pin point my reasoning as to why I feel particularly older this year as opposed to turning one year older last year. It could be that I was more preoccupied and had my mind on other things the previous years, whatever it is, it's new. I cant say that I'm not a little freaked out by this i-am-getting-old-acknowledgment, but Im still pretty excited for this year, for the most part. It's a wee mindblowing that april is beginning tomorrow. 

A few snaps on how our evening began. Getting ready with champagne, our little ritual. Although, the more empty glasses, the more make-up and the bigger the hair it seems. 





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