Sunday, 15 June 2014

Write Things Down

Write things down! 

I can't speak for people who dislike planners..  because I love them, but if you get a kick out of filling up calendars - encourage that joy. 

Make lists. I have been told written to-do lists have a much higher success rate than the ones done up in your head, and I'm a believer.

Take advantage of post-its! they're fun, easy, accessible, and great at reminders. 

Especially if you find yourself living a tight schedule, having organized planners and to-do lists really help you take advantage of spare blocks of time - because you're physically able to see where they exist. 

Seize what time you have! :)


1 comment

  1. i do it all the time...but with my blackberry memo pad, so far nothing is better than it..mostly b/c the keyboard


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