Wednesday, 24 June 2015

I Have No Plan B

Having no Plan B (I've been watching Casey's vlogs again, I think I'm in love with them). It's scary but I love the idea. Freeing, but scary.

To ultimately love what I do and simultaneously contribute to my community, my society, that's really the best. For me, that would be the best.

I was thinking the other day about travelling. And the places that I've travelled so far. Currently I'm away from home in Australia. I don't know what travelling is or means to me if it can't be shared or benefit individuals other than myself. I know many say travelling is everything. For me, it depends. I don't know if you will relate or understand, I'm having a bit of difficulty explaining my feelings more in depth. Perhaps, I'll leave the thought at that for now and return to it in the future.




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