Saturday, 6 June 2015

What does Etiquette Mean to You

I recently came across an article by Forbes titled, "27 Etiquette Rules for Our Times". The list is introduced by saying "You'll notice a common denominator in all of them: Think about other people's feelings first because it's not all about maximising your personal convenience" 

A few of my favourites from the list:

1. When you get to the front of the line at Starbucks, don't tell the barista to wait while you wrap up your phone discussion. The barista hates you, and so does everyone behind you. They are hoping the barista spits in your latte. 

2. Don't show up at a party empty-handed, unless you've been instructed to - and sometimes not even then Bring wine or dessert or a plant. 

3. Remember that if you feel a need to respond immediately to every incoming text, you'll lose more in the eyes of the person who's in front of you than you'll gain from the unseen people who are benefiting from your efficiency. 




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