Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Vegan Tip (1)

I don't know yet, if I want to turn this into a series but here's #1:  Join the Vegan Facebook group of your current city. For back at home (Vancouver, BC) I am part of a group called Vancouver Vegans on Facebook. For Philly I am a part of a group called Philadelphia Vegans & Vegan Food Enthusiasts. The name of the group will differ depending on your city but should not vary to the point where you cannot find it (unless it has yet to exist).

Asking the group a question as simple as "My parents are visiting, where should I take my parents out in the city?" will usually get an overwhelmingly friendly amount of comments and suggestions.

I hope this was helpful!

*Photograph was taken recently at Bar BomBon (plant-based menu!) in Philly. Their Cubano Clubs are everything.





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