Thursday, 17 March 2016

Vegan Tip (2)

  Earlier this month Kyle and I were in Boston for the weekend and hit up a few restaurants while we were in town. Surprisingly, the city did not offer as many vegan options when it came to restaurants (relative to what we expected from the size of the city). 

  We came across an Italian restaurant that offered a separate vegan menu, which we were excited to try out. In a nut shell what happened was, the staff at the restaurant - server and chef included, were ill-informed of what veganism actually is. 

Basically when our food came out, it was sent back, they apologised and re-made our dishes. 

It may seem a tedious deed, but helping your server understand "dairy-free, animal-free" may be necessary. 

Hope this is helpful.


P.S. If you get the the chance to visit Boston, Veggie Galaxy was a delight. 

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