Monday, 22 August 2016

Things to do in Montreal

Tam Tams on Sunday! 
Montreal was a transitioning city for us. I overheard some people calling it the "New York of Canada". I have to say, everyone certainly dresses well! Kyle and I made it a point to accomplish a list of some touristy duties: 

1. One of the first places I was recommended was Mont Royal. It is a lookout viewpoint of the city. It was absolutely beautiful. I am sure it looks incredible at night as well. 

2. One of our favourite experiences was going to the Tam-Tams on Sunday. Every sunday there is a gathering of drum playing and dancing. It's really neat and I would definitely suggest you go if you are in Montreal for the weekend! We packed our lunch and wine and made a day out of it :)

3. Ste Catherine. This street comes alive on the weekends. So many foodtrucks and foodshacks, it's awesome. There were lots of vegan options for us as well. 

All in all, Montreal is a bilingual city; however, I do wish I had paid more attention during french class. Our stay in Montreal has really inspired me to get going on learning French. I asked Kyle to order me a french book on Amazon - for me to practice hehe.

Hope this was helpful for anyone visiting Montreal for the first time. x.


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