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Myanmar (Burma) Top Ten - Part 2

6. Temples of Bagan

  In Bagan, tourists are permitted solely to the riding of E-bikes. I assume it may have something to do with the large amount of tourism and previous accidents on motor-bikes. Nonetheless, the E-bike we rented was very much fun and and excellent way to get about through and around the ancient temples of Bagan (The cost of the E-bikes are 8000 Kyat for the day - seats 2). We did balloon over the temples as well; however, getting close up and personal was a completely different experience and not something one should skimp out on. 

7. Biking in Hsipaw

   I have to say one of our happiest memories of Myanmar was in Hsipaw. Just how friendly the people are and the beauty there seems to be underrated. In Hsipaw we rented a motorbike for the day and headed inland.

  *I also want to add that we visited the Shan Palace here where the the wife of the last Shan Prince's nephew currently resides. Her name is Fern and she spends her days educating the locals as well as tourists about Myanmar's current and unfortunate past political situation. I found being in her presence to be endearing and inspirational. (Below is a photograph of a room in her home, she is on the very left.)

8. Hsipaw Morning Market

  Now, if I have convinced you to make a stop in Hsipaw, you might very well wish to visit the morning market there. The market beings in the very early hours of the morning, I believe 4am. Candles are lit for light and there are many vendors as well as buyers. You will see an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables and if you venture further into the tents, there is a delicious opportunity for a delightful and cheap breakfast. 

9. Nwe Saung Beach

  Once most of our stops had been ticked off our itinerary, we decided we were ahead of schedule and squeezed in one more destination, Nwe Saung Beach. A stop we absolutely do not regret. The beach was gorgeous and unpopulated. We stayed at hotel right on the coast called Silver Coast Beach Hotel and I definitely recommend it. As you can see from the photo above, the sunsets at this beach were unreal!
10. Inle Lake

  Last but not least Inle lake. You are able to rent a boat + driver for the day and all I can say is it is worth every Kyat (18,000 Kyat for up to 4 seats). Mind you, if you head out of your guest house during the day, all you will get is endless boatmen asking if you would like a boat ride. And please do ask many of the boatmen before you settle - as if you are a tourist, they may try to play you.

Also it is a good idea to purchase some cold beer and some snacks for the ride ;).

That is the end of my Part 2 of top ten of Myanmar (Burma). If you have yet to see Part 1, here is the link:

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Myanmar (Burma) Top Ten - Part 1

I recently got back from travelling Myanmar for 3 weeks. It was an absolute memorable travel experience. I wanted to share my top ten, in the space below. These are in no particular order, just my favourites!

1. The Shwedagon Pagoda
At noon:

At night:

I have a couple shots for you, one is during the daytime around noon and the other is at night after having dinner and a couple drinks :)

The entrance fee is an all day pass of $8 USD. We kept our ticket (which comes as a sticker) because we knew we wanted to see the grand pagoda during the day but also when it was lit up so gloriously at night. 

Kyle and I were here during the month of January which is dry season so the tiles were a bit hot and stung a bit to the touch (shoes are taken off and you walk barefoot as custom) whilst the sun was high; moreover, the place becomes more lively at night during this time of year. 

I have to say, we found it absolutely beautiful and truly mesmerising. 

For more information you can check out :

2. Mt. Popa
There are so many pagodas and payas to see and visit in Myanmar, but there was one particular site I had much anticipated ever since I started planning our itinerary. Mt. Popa. How could I even attempt to resist these little guys! They were so adorable! 

Much accustomed to having tourist encounters, they were definitely not shy about tugging on our clothes! Many of the locals at the base of the mountain sell "monkey food" if you wish to purchase them. 

(We took a day trip here from Bagan, most of the guesthouses arrange for tours at your convenience.) 

3. Ballooning over Bagan

I have to say, because our expenses in Myanmar were very inexpensive, this activity was the most costly of our trip. I understand it's not something everyone can take part in if you are on a shoestring budget, however it was one of the most beautiful and alluring of experiences. 

A van was sent to pick us up 4am dark and early. There is a choice between sunrise and sunset, we chose sunrise. We were given complimentary souvenir hats and sparkling wine at the end of our balloon ride.

*note: Book well ahead of time! They were fully booked when we wanted to take part our first time in Bagan, so we booked and had to go back after travelling a few other cities. 

The cost per person was roughly $300 USD, I will link the website of the company we went through:

4. Kalaw Trek
Trekking through the mountains of Kalaw is something you do not want to miss. We took part in a 3 day/2 night trek where we had a couple guides throughout and slept amongst village hosts. The trek is not difficult at all and a major plus is seeing and experiencing a part of authentic burmese lifestyle you would not in the bigger tourist cities.

We took part through a guide company called "Sam's family" who made our trip very memorable. 

The burmese grow just about everything in these mountains: chilli, corn, wheat, ginger, rice, garlic, and more!

5. Ubein Bridge
I knew that the Ubein Bridge was a stop to be made when I set hands on our guidebook. A photo of the bridge was the cover of the book. It is said to have been built around 1850 and is known to be the longest teakwood bridge in the world.

A common sight on the bridge are vendors offering the sale of goods and crafts. I did a double take for one of the vendors when I saw what I thought were birds, were in fact owls! She says they brings good luck when you release them. 

Most of the posts are original and felt relatively safe as we crossed over to the other side.

That is the end to Part 1 of my top ten, A link to Part 2 of my top ten Myanmar (Burma) if you are interested:

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