Thursday, 23 November 2017

Coast to Coast Canada Road Trip

  2017 is the year Canada turns 150 years old. In honour of this, Parks Canada created a pass allowing all national parks free of fees. What a perfect year to visit as many Canadian national parks via road trip! This year, my boyfriend Kyle, my dog Mojo, and I flew from Iqaluit to Vancouver to attempt a coast to coast cross Canada trip! It has now been checked off my bucket list.

    Growing up, my dad was always a road trip enthusiast. Many times we'd cross the prairies and one summer we even drove from Vancouver all the way up to Alaska. It is a shame to say, back then I was not able to truly appreciate his efforts!

    In high school I had a teacher once speak about how when she first arrived in Canada with her family as immigrants (I believe from Poland), her father insisted they do a road trip across Canada because he felt it was important that him and his family knew where and what the country they called their new home was comprised of. It has always stuck with me as a vivid memory because in that moment I agreed and believed it to be true.

    If I could, I would convince everyone to do the same. Canada is an amazing country in more ways than one could count. I am so lucky and will be forever grateful to be called a Canadian citizen. 

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Camera body : Canon 6D
Camera Lens : Canon 85mm 1.2, Canon 16-35mm 2.8

Camera Fisheye Lens: Opteka 6.5mm 3.5



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