Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Jasper National Park

It has almost been a full year since my last post here (wow). I hope to never write that sentence again. Since then, a) I have started working for an airline! How fantastic a difference it makes to travel life. And b) our little pup we adopted from the humane society here is now a year old and not so little (we named her Nuka). I cannot believe the time. Oh and c) not to forget Mojo, still all about food in his tummy and those car rides! 

Whenever I come back to blogging, it usually comes with a sense of beginning, a sense of a new chapter, a burst of motivation or.. a surge of inspiration more or less. With my new job, has come more freedom to travel. And with that kind of liberty, I found myself ferociously researching destinations after next - through blogs. 

I post here by means of an outlet but I also hope to be some help (if I can) through my own experiences. So here's to a hella lot of backed up content and more xxx. 

    As a child, my father with the cooperation of my mother would coax my siblings and I into our blue dodge caravan and off we were again to Alberta - Rockies bound. At every opportunity, or at least that's what it seemed. I recall being heavily prone to carsickness and cannot imagine that I displayed much appreciation towards any of those road trips.

    It is only now, a decade later, that I can say I truly appreciate it for what it is. Honestly, I have probably seen and passed through the rockies more than I can count with my fingers.  I'm not going to lie, my current admiration for how vast and colourful Canada is has definitely been influenced my growing love for photography. 

After our cross Canada road trip last year, I whittled down my list to seven of my top favourite. The true gems of Canada. (Disclaimer: Kyle, Mojo and I started in Tofino and ended in St. John's)

First on the list (moving west to east of the country): Jasper National Park

Sight: the Athabasca River

The colour of this river is unreal. With the Rocky mountains hovering behind, there really isn't a photo(s) more worth taking. The river originates from the Columbia Glacier of the Columbian Icefield in Jasper National Park.

Sight: Columbian Icefields

Parks Canada link

Jasper National Park Admission Fee:

$9.80 CAD Adult: 18-64
$8.30 CAD Senior: 65+
FREE Youth: 6-17
$19.60 Group: Up to seven ppl arriving in a single vehicle

Parks Canada Discovery Pass:
$67.70 Adult
$57.90 Senior
$136.40 Group 

Where we slept: 

Unserviced $21.50 CAD
Electrical $32.30 CAD

Next: Banff National Park

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