Friday, 5 October 2018

Gros Morne National Park

    When I was planning out our cross Canada trip months prior, one place I knew I wanted to hit up was Gros Morne. Up top the view is incredible and well worth the tough hike! I think it took us about a little over 2 hours to the top, overall roughly 5 hours. 

    We were told dogs were not allowed because the terrain would be hard on their paws. So we went to Parks Canada and asked what our options were for Mojo. To my surprise, the Parks Canada lady pulled out a list of numbers I could choose from to dogsit Mojo for the day. His dogsitter ended up being a sweet 12 yr old boy trying to make some summer cash (his parents were home).

Parks Canada link

Gros Morne National Park Admission Fee:

$9.80 CAD Adult: 18-64
$8.30 CAD Senior: 65+
FREE Youth: 6-17
$19.60 CAD Group: Up to seven ppl arriving in a single vehicle

Parks Canada Discovery Pass:
$67.70 CAD Adult
$57.90 CAD Senior
$136.40 CAD Group 

Where we slept: 
Gros Morne National Park: GreenPoint Campground

Unserviced $25.50 CAD

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