Friday, 5 October 2018

Prince Edward Island National Park

I think I was in grade 4 when a classmate sitting across from me told me her family was moving to Prince Edward Island that summer. Her name was Paige. That's all I remember about her. 

What I wondered was what would make a family want to move from Vancouver to the complete other end of Canada. What was there?

Well what they definitely don't tell you in school is how absolutely beautiful the beaches are here. Were we really still in Canada?

Recommendation: Green Gables Heritage Place

If as a child or youth you have read the book Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery, you probably will want to visit here. Everything is recreated as in the novel!

It's not within PEI National Park but everything within that island is close enough!

Parks Canada link

PEI National Park Admission Fee:

$7.80 CAD Adult: 18-64
$6.30 CAD Senior: 65+
FREE Youth: 6-17
$15.70 CAD Group: Up to seven ppl arriving in a single vehicle

Parks Canada Discovery Pass:
$67.70 CAD Adult
$57.90 CAD Senior
$136.40 CAD Group 

Where we slept: 

Unserviced $27.40 CAD
Electrical $32.30 CAD

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