Monday, 18 February 2019

Life Update

   I was such complete rubbish about posting on here in 2018. It's also more than half way through February this year! I dont think I've posted about Nuka yet, but basically what happened was - Kyle went to go see a puppy our friend was fostering from the humane society and then brought it home and never gave it back. We named her Nuka. This was near the end of 2017. So she's about a year and half old now. It's pretty insane how fast they grow. The first two photos are of when we first got her and the latter is more recent haha. We didn't really know anything much about her, other than that she was from a northern community up island (we live on Baffin Island). It's safe to assume she's part sled dog - she absolutely adores the snow. Anyways, so yeah, I'd say she's the most significant update as of late :).

Visit a Humane Society near you #adoptdontshop




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