Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Travelling Guatemala as a Solo Female

   In this day, travelling as a solo female is quite common. Having said this, I was met with a bunch of concerns when I announced I'd be travelling to Guatemala alone. Now, being back safe at home, I do have some tips if you find yourself in the same shoes. Honestly, most or all of it is common sense and probably things you have already heard before and what you should practise in any country you travel alone really.

   First, this is not so much a safety concern but I did find it really helpful having researched how much things were generally going to cost beforehand. There were a few times where I had locals ask for double or even triple the going rate. It's easier when you are travelling with a partner or in a group to discuss or negotiate pricing, but when you are travelling solo you have none but yourself to rely on. Second is dress code. I hate this, but has to be said. Modest, non-flashy clothing to defer unsolicited attention. I would say apply this to your backpack/purse etc. also. Third, alertness and awareness. I like to practise sobriety when I travel alone and if I'm tired I'll get myself coffee. I think I also kept a packet of instant coffee in my bag just incase for on the go. Lastly, one comment I read and was told often was that Guatemala City was dangerous and to get out of there asap once you arrive. I met a guy in Xela who told me he was mugged there with a gun pointed at him. yikes.

   These are the precautions I pass on to you, but I'd like to say I never encountered anything that made me feel I was in danger at all. Travelling Guatemala was insanely beautiful and such a culturally fulfilling experience! 100% recommend!




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